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Are you among the many people in Seattle, WA, who would love to wave goodbye to those boring and archaic lumps and bumps on your ceiling? Then we have some good news, you are just in the right place to get assistance. We offer popcorn ceiling removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

Popcorn ceilings, which are also referred to as acoustic ceilings, stucco ceilings or cottage cheese ceilings, rose to stardom from the 1950s to the late 20th century. Back then, applying this texture to drywall or plaster ceilings was considered an efficient way to hide imperfections and add visual interest. Also, no painting was required after applying the popcorn finish.

Nonetheless, over the years this trend started falling out of favor as it was evident the rough texture attracts lots of dust and cobwebs, and it is very difficult to clean. Today popcorn ceilings are universally loathed and regarded an eyesore that undervalues a property.

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Most popcorn ceilings installed prior to 1980 harbor asbestos, a toxic substance that has been directly linked to lung cancer if inhaled in high concentrations. But do not panic and run out of your home immediately if the ceiling is from the 80s or further back. Undisturbed asbestos-laced ceilings pose little or no threat to homeowners.

During the removal process, the asbestos toxins are sure to spread into the air of your home. As a result, it is best to hire trained professionals that have the experience and specialized equipment for the job. Not only will they advise you on what protective measures to take, they will also clean and dispose of the hazardous waste safely.

Unfortunately, removing a popcorn ceiling is not an easy DIY task. Although the process is pretty straightforward, it is a messy and tedious project that not everyone can handle. If you value your time, call us to get help from our qualified drywall contractors.


Estimate: Once you identify the spaces where you want the popcorn ceiling removed, we will take measurements and provide an estimate.

Asbestos Check: Irrespective of when your ceiling was installed, we start by getting a sample tested for asbestos by a third-party lab.

Move Furniture: Removing the popcorn ceiling is a messy chore. Before embarking on the removal, we advise that all furniture be moved from the room that we will be working in. This makes it easy to move the ladder when working on the ceiling.

Cover Area: We will cover with plastic drop cloth all the lights, walls, floors, and items that could not be moved.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling: The removal starts with a light misting of the ceiling, this softens and loosens the texture. After 15 minutes, we then scrape the surface of the ceiling to peel off the popcorn.

Apply New Texture: Based on your taste and needs, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to installing a new type of finish for the ceiling.

Clean-up: We will remove the plastic drop cloths, clean up the rooms affected by the waste, and rearrange the furniture.

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We allow enough time for the ceiling to dry before embarking on applying the new finish, which is typically 24 hours. But even before starting the removal of the outdated popcorn texture, we will help you choose the new type of ceiling for the property.

There are so many options, from smooth to textured. Unlike the popcorn ceiling, these modern alternatives look gorgeous on any home and will increase the value of the property:

  • Smooth: Simply sand, smooth the ceiling, and then paint.
  • Skip Troweling: Plaster and a trowel are used to produce the texture.
  • Knockdown: The only difference with skip trowel is that you create peaks on the wet plaster with a brush or sponge, then knock these down to a light consistency.
  • Orange Peel: Creates a small, fine-textured finish similar to the peeling of an orange.
  • Swirl: Choose a smooth or rough swirl texture pattern.
  • Fish Scale: Creates an amazing look similar to fish scales. This texture is probably the most time-consuming.


We offer complete drywall services ranging from commercial installations to residential repairs. Whether you need new walls for your home renovation or simply want to fix small drywall cracks, you can trust us to provide quality services at reasonable prices.

Our expert crew utilizes top-grade tools, equipment, and products to complete even the most challenging projects. We aim to ensure our customers in Seattle, WA, excellent results that surpass expectations.

We pride ourselves of having years of experience in the field of drywall construction, having successfully completed countless projects. Please, call us today to discuss your specific residential or commercial needs.